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24 Nov 2017
Today is the day of Bulgarian skydivers!

Today is the day of Bulgarian skydivers!

18 Oct 2017

Today is the day of Bulgarian skydivers!

As Kazanlak Airfield is a significant place for Bulgarian skydiving, we  congratulate everyone who loves this air sport! Here is a little "parachuting" history from the archives of the Airfield:

On August 15, 1980, the 15th World Parachuting Championships was opened in Kazanlak. For 10 days Kazanlak Airfield is the site of one of the biggest sport events held in our country. Especially for the championship was built the largest hotel in the city – Hotel “Kazanlak”, and the rumors tell that it was made with two floors less than the original plan, so that it can be found in time for the championship. There are 26 countries and 182 athletes - 58 women and 124 men.
The countries that took part in the championship are: Austria, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Great Britain, GDR, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Canada, China, New Zealand, Poland, USSR, USA, Turkey, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Japan.
In addition to parachute jumps, pilot demonstrations are conducted, involving AN-2 and YAK-50, light aircrafts and gliders. Many officials, including the Vice President of the International Aviation Federation and Chairman of the Bulgarian Aviation Federation August Kabakchiev and the first Bulgarian cosmonaut Georgi Ivanov, attended the opening.
There are many complex performances such as formation skydiving, triple parachute tow, dragging two gliders simultaneously over one another, “head-to-head” flights, mass parachute drop.
Chief judge of the championship is the canadian Richard Bennet. The men won Nikolay Usmaev from the USSR, and women - Irina Walkhoff from the GDR.

Little guests

Little guests

13 Apr 2017
76 children from "Yuri Gagarin" kindergarten visited Kazanlak Airfield for the International Day of Human Space flight on April 12. Our pilot told them about the airplanes, the stars and the space, and they surprised us with special songs and rhymes about the first cosmonaut, to whom their kindergarten is named on. We look forward to them again, and to all small future pilots who wants to visit us!

16 Mar 2017

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We keep on flying even in the winter!

We keep on flying even in the winter!

23 Jan 2017

We are not afraid of the winter at all. In the spirit of the season we put skis on our airplane and continue to have fun. We had a very special guest that week - an air balloon, that made the wonderful view of our airfield greater. Don't you want to join us?

Make a gift flight - for more information, contact us.

Make a gift flight and flying lesson at Kazanlak Airfield

Make a gift flight and flying lesson at Kazanlak Airfield

30 Nov 2016

Make an unforgettable present - flight with ultralight aircraft with an option to manage the machine by your own! Kazanlak Airfield offers this adventure with an experienced pilot and the amazing views above the Rose Valley.

For more information, prices and inquiries - please contact us.

You can find gift vouchers for the flights also on SKYVISION.BG

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